You have invested considerable amounts of time, money and effort to produce a development. The finished article will represent a new adventure for incoming purchasers as well as a successful ‘rubber stamp’ for the product you have produced.

Most developers involve KDG Property from outline planning approval. KDG work with your sales & marketing teams to produce a realistic service charge budget, so your sales team has everything they require to crack on and sell your new development. Although service charges budgets are hardly the most exciting areas in your development’s journey to completion, they will certainly play a part in securing a successful sale, and one that offers value for money whilst retaining realistic expectations is advisable to all parties.

  • Lease Consultancy to ensure that your lease is development specific.
  • A full review of both the building plans and specifications, year 1 service charge preparation and apportionment schedule based on the service charge sectors to ensure that it is fair and reasonable to avoid future disputes.
  • Preparation of Section 106 management plan to assist the developer in fulfilling the requirements
  • Guidance on the cost implications of additional amenities to ensure that the amenities and resultant service charge levels reflect the financial position of the developments target market.

KDG Property has worked with first time developers as well as national house builders, handling the relationships with social/affordable housing associations for the developers, where larger sites have these units within the development. KDG have found that the housing associations & their customers can be managed effectively once clear expectations have been communicated and explained - private new build schemes with social housing elements are sometimes uncomfortable and dis-jointed – this can often be resolved at an early stage which we see as our responsibility for the good of all parties.

Choosing a managing agent to run your building is not easy, as many managing agents will seek to run the development you are producing. You need to ensure that they are not only ARMA agents but have a professionally qualified team in place to maintain the positive ‘buying experience’ for your customers you sell to.

  • Practical advice on general services such as refuse strategies, garden design, man safe systems, etc.
  • Identifying additional income opportunities such as dead areas where storage units could be created for rent or sale.
  • Planning/budgeting for future major works.
  • Accommodating differing aspirations of Private Leaseholders, Housing Association Tenants, Commercial Occupiers and other.

If you are still reading this, you should by now be aware that KDG Property hold the highest and most appropriate accreditations as RICS regulated ARMA Membership with IRPM qualified property professionals. KDG Property are also AIPP qualified and our practise was awarded in 2016 by the BUILD Magazine’s award for best independent Property Management Practice & innovation in Client Communication. We did this by focusing on communication regularly and factually to our customers through newsletters, property news & property owner’s updates, quarterly service charge reporting electronically & in writing, and establishing reporting protocols for sub-contractors working on our sites. Your potential new customers will be relieved you have chosen a respected, professional & qualified company to manage the development once your construction team has left.

  • Keeping everybody informed, by way of newsletters, emails and through our website, of all pertinent developments.
  • On-going review and re-tendering of maintenance contracts to guarantee value for money.
  • Snagging issues.
  • Welcome letters - we send these out as each sale completes so owners know to contact KDG Property from day one, it also provides them with useful information about their development and surrounding areas, estate regulations, etc.

The first exchange of contracts on your development is an exciting time for you, but KDG’s work on the development has already begun before this by assisting your sales & marketing team to get there.

Experienced developers often have ‘after sales’ teams assisting new customers with snagging items – and all too often these can be endless – many issues are often handled effectively by our management teams and are not a developers’ responsibility. For example, you have produced a marketable development but have not sold the answer to life itself which your customers often expect along with the purchase price! Lessees buy into new homes of their own, but their expectation of a ‘time share’ or even worse a ‘hotel resort’ is not what developers create!

As with any managing agent, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. How can KDG Property convince you into at least trialling how we get on with maintaining your reputation & success? KDG Property started with a singular established building in South London, and to date we still manage that building. Most of our buildings we currently manage are existing RMCs’/RTMs’ companies living in established buildings – what better testament is there than our own grass roots?

Sky TV

KDG Property appear on Sky’s Property TV channel 238. Naturally our expertise is everything in the service charge area

Either our sales & marketing team or one of our Property Services Officers would be delighted to hear from you whether you are converting a house, you are converting a church, you have large communal landscaping to maintain, or you need to make provision for assisted living, KDG’s experienced professionals have encountered such developments. We have assisted developers with choosing on-site/concierge staff, drafted environmental assessment for protected wildlife and even built management plans for river banks and consecrated ground.

COMPOSING…a realistic and efficient service charge budget, implementing maintenance strategies and giving professional advices.
OVERSEEING…the transition from the pre-construction to a smooth management plan that works in the long term.
NOMINATING…through our tendering process contractors that are likely to work on site and maintenance contracts for you.
SHARPENING…the transparency of costs and possible additional amenities reflecting the financial side in the long run.
TRACKING…and ensuring the estate management is delivered to the highest possible standard with a money back guarantee scheme.
REACHING…out to the legal representatives to ensure the documentations includes all the required provisions for the collection of monies and delivery of services.
UPDATING…the parties every step of the way through impeccable and efficient communication.
COMMITTING…an extensive & flexible professional approach taking the hard work from you.
TAILORING…with a range of in-house robust support services unique in the market that other managing agents do not offer.
INNOVATING…the sector with our brand-new smartphone application with website login portal.
OPTIMISING…your time providing you with the best suitable solution requested.
NO-FEES…to you. We do not charge management fees for unsold units.