"Multiple parties with competing interests"

Differing priorities in the provision of services and repairing obligations

Mixed use regimes can be complicated if only parts of a building are demised under a head lease, while other parts of a building are let to commercial tenants under leases granted directly by the freeholder

  • Logical and fair approach
  • Clear defined obligations
  • AIPP accredited member
  • Costs recorded in full

Definitions and plans are absolutely crucial. Clear service charge apportionments backed by leases and tenancy schedules need to be expertly explained verbally and in writing to all parties.

  • Practical experience proven track record
  • Establishing fluid communication
  • Hands-on asset management
  • RICS accredited and protected

Consultation plays a significant part in service charge recovery. Furthermore, managers must understand that commercial rents as well as service charge contributors come from one pot – to the tenant’s pot. Over zealous collection of service charges could lead to an adverse financial return to the landlord by rent payments being jeopardised

  • Factual dates
  • Legally enforceable
  • Accountable and decisive
  • Understanding issues clearly

KDG have experience in inheriting substantial (or unbilled) service charge arrears from retail units in deprived high crime inner city locations, to serious breaches of lease terms (from unregulated pop up casinos or adult entertainment establishment)

  • 'Soft' upkeep of communal areas an grounds maintenance to a high standard

KDG Property understands this impact on the landlord. A perceived breach of covenant on late payments needs to be managed and understood carefully by both parties before action is taken. Customer service and communication is at the heart of all that we do. Our mission is to deliver professional and operational property management excellence to our customers at all times.